Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not on Speaking Terms

My new "friend" and I are not on speaking terms right now.

^^^See this?^^^See this?^^^
Told me that I am too fat for it to tell what % of me is fat!!!


Friday, April 9, 2010

RIP My Friend

Now now....don't get worried or sad.

My Friend that has died is my Weight Watchers Scale.

This scale was my friend and has been very good to me for the last 5 years, even though I have not always been good to it.
To be honest, my dear friend was MURDERED!!

John my good husband was helping me clean, and moved my scale leaning it up against the wall & baseboard heater. Well today has been a cold day of -4 celcius (it was 20 last week) so John turned the heat on.
I asked him if anything was against the heater, but he never answered.
Ten minutes later we hear "POP!!!"

John went to check and lo and behold the battery in the scale had been overheated and exploded. There was battery juices everywhere.

I was sad.....mourned the death of my scale for about 5 minutes.....until I yelled

Off to Walmart we went :)

This is my new friend:

This baby is the same price as my WW one, and it measures my body fat and hydration as well. I think I will love my new friend

Nikisha ♥

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Tonights dinner was SOOOOO good!
It was 16 points -- WHAT 16 POINTS?!?!?

yes 16 points....but it is ok because I get 34pts/day so 18 points for the rest of the day, plus the 5 activity points is WAY more than enough.

Also I can easily make this meal lower in points if I wanted to

This was stir fried beef with mushrooms and broccoli with an Indian Korma sauce on white rice, with 2 low fat Pilsbury crescents.

The sauce alone was 5pts for 1/2 cup. Next time I will buy the Blue Menu version and I can lower that to 2pts.
The crescents were 4.5pts and really they were not needed.
And I could always have less rice and add more veggies to make sure I have enough to satisfy me.

All in all it was absolutely DELICIOUS!!!

and for dessert I think I am going to have fat free vanilla ice cream with strawberries on top... Mmmmm :)

Bob Kicked My ASS!!

So after putting it off for a couple days, I finally sucked it up and worked out.
Let me just say that I am beyond out of shape!!! The most out of shape I have ever been in my life.
I definitely struggled, while Bob Harper served me my ass on a platter.

I was going to to my Power Sculpt video and take it a little easy....then I thought to myself "Why on earth would I take it easy?? I need to lose some weight". So I decided to do the Cardio Max video. I am glad I did it now, but during it I thought I was crazy.

I am going to keep at it, and try EVERY DAY to do some sort of video.
I have 3 Biggest Loser videos, the Biggest Loser game for the Wii as well as Wii Fit. I am thinking for the "easier" days I will do the Wii fit, to keep myself active and moving, but not strain myself.

I am also able to ride my bike so I should start doing that soon.
What I REALLY want to do is my DDR, because it is fun and challenging and a great workout.
One day soon hopefully

Nikisha ♥

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I didn't work out :(
I was just so absolutely sore from Niagara Falls that I could barely get out of bed or move around. Then after my physio I decided that I didn't want to over work my leg. I did however track my food!!! YAY ME!

Today I didnt work out either, but I did clean my house so that has to count for something right??? RIGHT?!??!?!

Anyways..... I cooked up some chicken and some steak pieces, weighed them out and froze them in pretty little 2 point packages. I think that will help me when I am looking for a quick meal. I can make a sandwich or wrap, or add the meat to a salad. I need to do this more often so I have less of an excuse for eating CRAP!!

Tomorrow I am DEFINITELY doing a video..... probably my Power Sculpt video as I think the cardio max may be too much right now...for both my leg and the fact that I have been pretty lazy for months.

ps..... Smoothies made with fresh berries is A MILLION TIMES BETTER than frozen berries....just sayin'.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Back at it

So I have been kind of MIA for a while.....with good reason
John and I decided to goon a little vacay to Niagara Falls this week.

We had an AMAZING time!!! Lots of fun, walking and eating.
I did not track or watch my food the entire trip. I did however stop eating before I felt full. I didn't eat junk like chips, ice cream, candy etc, but just some really good dinners, like The Keg and a Brazilian Steakhouse.

Well now that I am home....and have gained some weight (EEEK!!) it is time to get back to it.
My plan is to start working out again, starting tomorrow morning -- my legs still need a rest as they are so sore from walking for 6 hours straight.

I CAN and WILL do this! I cant keep gaining weight.