Monday, September 27, 2010

Eating Healthier

*this was typed last night*

I have been trying really hard lately to eat healthier. Now that I am back at work it makes it A LOT more easy to do so.
When I am not working I get bored, and what do I do when I am bored???....EAT
well at work I don't even get the chance to eat except on my lunch and breaks so if I make myself healthy foods, that is my only option.

By the time I get home and rest for a bit, then make and eat dinner its 9pm and there is no need nor time to snack on crap. I quite like it actually.

Today has been kinda snacky as we ended up buying some chips at Costco, but I did portion some out for myself instead of just sitting with the entire bag on my lap. Dinner was pretty good on the healthier front. It was basmati rice, breaded chicken legs (baked) and salad with light italian dressing, and a glass of milk.

I switched to basmati rice because of my PCOS. I am supposed to eat things that are part of the GI diet. I havent dont a good job sticking to it except the rice is one thing that I stayed with. It suggests eating brown or basmati rice instead of white, but I just CANT eat brown rice. It is absolutely disgusting. But I can eat this rice, and my husband prefers it to white so now its a permanent change.
Nikisha ♥

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I really have a lot of disappointment in myself right now. I just cant find motivation STILL!
Right now, me and a few friends go for a walk every sunday, but that is pretty much it for me. I am not sure why I cant get my mind to agree with itself, and get my body moving a little more. *sigh*

I am now working and I seem tonot be able to find energy. I am used to not working, so then going in for 9 hours a day I just dont have the motivation to do anything past making dinner when I get home. I just need to get my act together I guess.
Nikisha ♥