Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am now back from my cruise and it was WONDERFUL!!! and very well needed.

I will say that the entire time I did NOT watch what foods I was eating. If I wanted it, I ate it. That means that I had dessert every night after dinner.

I can say that I never over did it. If I couldn't finish a meal, I didnt force it, I just pushed it aside.

Also I can say that I did not gain any weight while on the cruise :)
My DH on the other hand gained 10 lb (he still only weighs 145 though)

Since being home though (returned home on the 16th) I have already lost 4lb. I think the cruise was the shock to my body that I needed.

So now that I am back I guess that means it is back to eating better and following the GI Diet again, as well as start being active.

I will take my dog for a walk EVERY DAY (instead of putting him in the back yard)
I will do my Wii Fit at LEAST 3X per week

Nikisha ♥

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